Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Power of Prayer

The greatest support for the effectiveness of prayer is originating from scientific research! Science is proving the strength of prayer, beyond what anyone expected. Not just are researchers discovering that prayer affects humans, it affects bacteria, seeds, plants, and mice! Because these would really appear to be past the influence of religious faith, the question naturally arises: Just exactly what is the true power in prayer? Just how can one's prayers impact the development of bacteria and seeds, as well as mice?

Prayer outcomes are equally as amazing in human studies. Inside a 1988 study by Dr. Randolph Byrd at San Francisco General Hospital, 393 coronary care patients receiving prayer using their medical treatment suffered considerably less congestive heart failure, fewer cardiopulmonary arrests, used fewer antibiotics and diuretics, along with less pneumonia.

Inside a 1998 study at California Pacific Medical Center, a double-blind study revealed profound effects from "distant healing prayer" with advanced AIDS patients. They survived in greater numbers, got sick more infrequently, and recovered faster compared to those not receiving prayer.

An incredible study published within the Journal of Reproductive Medicine showed how prayer may help even people who failed to know these were being prayed for. The analysis was conducted at Columbia University in New York on women having difficultly getting pregnant. They discovered that although the women failed to know these were being prayed for, 50% from the prayed-for group became pregnant instead of only 26% from the control group which was not prayed for.

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